Top 10 software companies in Sri Lanka

There are huge IT solution companies in Sri Lanka. Most of them outsource development services. Some companies have development centres here in Sri Lanka. They implement best custom software solutions for their clients according to their needs. Moreover, they provide services at a reasonable price, assuring all the ends are met. Here you can find the list of top 10 software companies in Sri Lanka.

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1. Pro Software Company

Pro Software Company is the best UK based software company in Sri Lanka. They have a highly expert virtual team. Pro Software Company works with clients from all over the world. They provide Digital Marketing, Virtual Assistant, Website Development Services. Also, they offer SEO, Data Entry, Mobile Apps Development Services. Pro Software Company provides IT support with very cheap prices. Surely, they are one of the best IT companies in Sri Lanka. Their expert team can make a Website for you in a short time. If you need any Virtual Employee, then Pro Software Company can help you. They have lots of Virtual People in their Software Company to work for you Virtually. Their outsourcing services with affordable prices will surely make you happy.


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2. Bellvantage (Pvt) Ltd

Melstacorp Group is the owner of BELLVANTAGE Pvt Ltd. It is a leading BPO company which focuses on providing Technology, Outsourcing & Consulting Solutions. Mainly, they provide Inbound, Outbound Call Center Services, Data Entry & Verification Services. Also, they provide Bulk SMS Gateway Solutions, IT Consultancy, Web Design & Development Services. Certainly, they are the top outsourcing company that delivers high-quality business solutions. Also, they provide 90%  professional dominance in inbound and outbound contact center outsourcing. However, you can know more about them from Wiki. Surely, their low budget services will surprise you. So, it is in 2nd position in the list of top 10 Software Companies in Sri Lanka.


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3. Weblook International Private Limited

Weblook International (Pvt) Ltd is a ISO certificated software company in Sri Lanka. Mainly, they provide Web Design, Logo Design, Virtual Tour, Corporate Branding services. Moreover, they provide SEO, SEM, Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing services at the cheapest price. The experience they have earned over a decade has given them the strength. However, their focus is to make the process clear for you. To clarify, Weblook offers mobile solutions, digital hospitality and search engine marketing. Surely, they have specialists in providing interactive ICT solutions. They make sure to help you to make your global presence to be consistent. So, it is in 3rd position in the ranking of top 10 Software Companies in Sri Lanka.


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4. 3CS Web Design

3CS is Sri Lanka’s premier digital marketing and web design agency. They have provided state-of-the-art solutions to more than 1000 institutional and corporate clients in 57 countries. Their services include website security, search marketing, mobile responsive web design and maintenance. Moreover, they provide social media marketing and professional photography services. “3CS Web Design” won many awards in Sri Lanka. Also 3CS offers Social Media Marketing (SMM) service. They have expert employees to work on paid advertising campaign management on Facebook and Google. However, 3CS provides bespoke web design solutions to their clients. So, it is in the 4th number among the top 10 Software Companies in Sri Lanka.


top 10 software companies in Sri Lanka 3CS Web Design

5. iXeun Web Design

“iXeun Web Design” is the best SEO, Graphic Design, Web Development, Software Services firm in Sri Lanka. They provide low cost Outsourcing and Web related services. Mainly, they offer Email Marketing, E-Commerce Development, Content Management System (CMS) services. Also, other services include User Experience, Responsive Web Design, Search Engine Optimization. Their main focus is on creating unique bespoke websites for each business. However, if you are looking to increase  leads and sales, then iXeun should be your top choice in Sri Lanka. You can hire Web Designers at a cheap rate from this software company. By the way, it is in 5th position in the list of top 10 Software Companies in Sri Lanka.


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6. Web Lankan

Web Lankan is an ISO certified best Digital marketing agency in Sri Lanka. They are the top strategic digital partner to increase customer’s revenue growth. Moreover, they provide end-to-end digital solutions to their clients. “Web Lankan” provides Hosting & Domain, E-Commerce, SEO, Analytics, Web design services. They are an award-winning Digital Service Provider in Sri Lanka. “Web Lankan” has many reputed national & international clients. However, they established a new benchmark in the web development industry in Colombo. To clarify, they have a partnership with the clients to offer the top online solutions. So, it is in 6th position in the ranking of top 10 Software Companies in Sri Lanka.


top 10 software companies in Sri Lanka Web Lankan

7. Web Solutions Lanka

In 2006, they started their business as an Advertising company in Sri Lanka. Rasika Thenuwara is the founder of this Company. Firstly, they were doing artworks and graphic designing for companies and individuals. Then in 2015, “Web Solutions Lanka” started providing web designing services. However, they have lots of experience in advertising and marketing. They also provide internationally recognized customer care service in Sri Lanka. Surely, Web Solutions Lanka is the top-rated web agency in Sri Lanka. They have experienced web designers and experts in their outsourcing firm. If you want to develop your business, you must have a website for your business. Who can make a better website than “Web Solutions Lanka”? So, it is in 7th position among the top 10 Software Companies in Sri Lanka.


8. Satahana Web Solutions

They specialize in creating professional websites. “Satahana Web Solutions” assures that every website they build is custom made to customer’s specifications. They use your logo, content, color schemes, and photos to build the site your way. Surely, you will get huge viewers in your website. However, they have an expert team in Cover Design, Logo Design, and Search Engine Optimization. Also, they have experience in working internationally. It is the best software company in Kandy. Anyone can build their careers from this software company. “Satahana Web Solutions” also has good reviews in glassdoor. So, it is in 8th position in the list of top 10 Software Companies in Sri Lanka.


top 10 software companies in Sri Lanka Satahana Web Solutions

9. hSenid Software International

hSenid Software International establishment date is in 1997. It is a service and application provider for the financial, telecom, and enterprise markets. Moreover, they specialize in human resource, mobile applications, and wireless markets. Indeed, hSenid is very renowned for its reliable outsourcing services. Surprisingly, they get a huge revenue from outsourcing business. You can get their phone number from their website. Also, you can get their LinkedIn account from their website. Currently, they have vacancies in their software company. hSenid is the leader in outsourcing business in Sri Lanka. However, their HR and Mobile solutions are very popular. So, it is in 9th position in the ranking of top 10 Software Companies in Sri Lanka.


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10. Orix Marketing (Pvt) Ltd.

They are not average software agencies. Orix Marketing promises integrity, talent, and specialist support. Mainly, they provide Shopify Development, SMM, PPC, SEO, Copywriting, and SMS Marketing services. They know how to bring traffic or sales to your business organization. Certainly, they are the top advertising and marketing agency in Sri Lanka. Orix Marketing (Pvt) Ltd has highly expert professionals in their company. They are extremely helpful in providing Virtual assistant services in Sri Lanka. So, it is in 10th position in the ranking of top 10 Software Companies in Sri Lanka.


List of software companies in Sri Lanka

Are you looking for top 20, best 30, or 50 IT Companies in Sri Lanka? Here you can also get the list of all Software Companies. All of these IT companies are highly recognized to people. They always provide the best outsourcing services to people. Check the below table to get an idea of all Software firm in Sri Lanka:

Positiion Software Company
Pro Software Company
Bellvantage (Pvt) Ltd
Weblook International
3CS Web Design
iXeun Web Design
Web Lankan
Web Solutions Lanka
Satahana Web Solutions
hSenid Software
Orix Marketing
Konnect BPO Technologies
Sha Web Design
Sterling BPO Solutions
SilverFox Web Design
Andout Global Inc
WFX Web Design
Data One BPO
Digital Force
Sublime Holdings
Infomate Private Limited
Inovaze Bpo Services
P N B Holdings
Pixel Lanka
Extreme Web
Akasa Web Design
ODDLY Sri Lanka
Mmsvision Web Design
Danada Brothers
Royal Web Solutions
Kushan Dreamworks
Bountylab Sri Lanka
SOMRO BPO Services
Exel Solutions
Vohara Solutions
DigiBiz Web Design
Mobiz International
Web Temple
Codefolk Solution
Kanara (Pvt) Ltd
Diol BPO (Pvt)Ltd.
R G Web Design
UMK Web Design

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