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Top 100 software companies in Bangladesh in 2020

Many Software companies have been established over the last few years to build ‘Digital Bangladesh’. The IT sector of Bangladesh is expanding rapidly. So, the IT companies are providing services to foreign clients as well as the local people. Here, we have collected the list of top 100 software companies in Bangladesh in 2020 for you. Find the list of best outsourcing firm and their details below:

best software company in Bangladesh

1. Pro Software Company: “Pro Software Company” is the leading UK based software company in Bangladesh. They have highly talented virtual team. “Pro Software Company” work with clients around the world. They provide Virtual Assistant Services, Website Development, Digital Marketing, Apps Development, SEO, Data Entry Services etc. “Pro Software Company” provide outsourcing services with very cheap prices only £2.99 p/hr.

Website: https://prosoftwarecompany.com/

2. Tiger IT Bangladesh LTD: Tiger IT has lots of experience working in software development. They provide end-to-end credential management solutions for Bangladesh Government and state agencies. Tiger IT give solutions to large organizations like telecom companies, banks and multinational companies. They created the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). In 2008 election of Bangladesh, Tiger it build a software of the voter registration and national id.

Website: http://www.tigerit.com/

3. Datasoft Systems BD Ltd: “Data Soft” is known for first CMMI Level 5 software development company in Bangladesh. In both public and corporate sectors, “Data soft” delivered cost effective and innovative technical services. It has contributed significantly to the digitalization of Bangladesh in design and create projects. “DataSoft” has emphasized on Quality Management practices from the beginning of its establishment.

Website: http://datasoft-bd.com/

4. Dream71 Bangladesh Ltd: In modern era, one of the best uprising software firms is Dream71 Bangladesh Ltd. They provide mobile application, Software development and game development services. In a very little time they’ve been able to catch the attention of both local market and international market. “Dream71 BD” developed first ever cricket related dynamic app of the country. They offer excellence in user experience & design for developing mobile apps in Bangladesh.

Website: http://www.dream71.com/

5. Magnito Digital: “Magnito Digital” is currently the leading digital agency of Bangladesh with a team of more than 70 people. They have worked with the numerous clients of Bangladesh, so they have built leading brands in the digital space. They develop digital contents to engage with the right audience. “Magnito Digital” Won Gold prize in ‘Campaign Asia-Pacific: Digital Agency of the Year 2015’.

Website: http://magnitodigital.com/

6. NewsCred: “NewsCred” is the leading content marketing software firm. They provide services to the world’s most ambitious brands like Pepsi, Visa, Dell, ConAgra, Hewlett Packard etc. They are making marketing better for everyone. “NewsCred” really love working together as a team. NewsCred serves over hundreds of customers in more than 70 countries from their seven global offices.

Website: https://www.newscred.com/

7. Southtech Limited: They provide software such as microfinance, POS, ERP, HR & Restaurant management. “Southtech Limited” are a gold partner of Oracle and a gold certified partner of Microsoft. They are one of the largest ISO 9001:2008 certified software company in Bangladesh. Their professional team awarded runner up at the ‘code warrior challenge’. Currently, they have 6 offices across 5 countries all around the world.

Website: https://www.southtechgroup.com/

8.LeadSoft: They are the leading software development company in Bangladesh offering custom software development and consultancy. “LeadSoft” is an ISO 9001:2008 certified software company. “LeadSoft” serve non banking financial, life insurance, pharmaceuticals etc.They have dedicated team of highly skilled & motivated professionals. That’s why they are among the top 100 software companies in Bangladesh in 2020. 

Website: http://www.leadsoft.com.bd/

9. Brain Station 23 Limited:  “BrainStation23” is a globally leading top best software development company in Bangladesh. They provide customized web applications and mobile software development services. They help to transform the business into the digital sphere. “BrainStation23” have 100+ talented people who are delivering best work. The software company had started the journey in 2006. Now they are serving clients located in US, Canada, UK and other European countries.

Website: https://brainstation-23.com/

10. Kaz Software Limited: They offer content management and software development services to international customers. The award winning technical teams can help you to innovate and build great software products. “Kaz Software” deliver better, faster and at lower cost software services. They are the best custom software company in Bangladesh in order to create top ordinary software.

Website: http://kaz.com.bd/

11. Revesoft: “Revesoft” is the mobile VoIP & IP communication solutions provider in Bangladesh. The Company started its journey in 2003 with a focused vision to serve the IP based communication industry.
They are now in a leadership position in mobile VoIP, VoIP Billing, SIP softswitch, Bandwidth Optimization etc. Currently, the company serves customers in over 78 countries around the world.

Website: https://www.revesoft.com/

12. Nobo IT: This is the growing software company in Bangladesh in 2020. “Nobo IT” provide domain hosting, registration, web and software solution services. They are rapidly securing their enviable place in the IT market. They provide extraordinary service & support to their individual & corporate clients.

Website: http://www.noboit.com/

13. Bangladesh Software Development (BSD): BSD is among the pioneers in Bangladesh to provide quality web services to medium as well as small sized businesses. Their core objective is to assist business owners in establishing their online presence. They have 1000+ happy clients. BSD believe in minimizing the effort from the client, also maximizing the value of services delivered.

Website: http://www.bsdbd.com/

14. Dhaka Solution: “Dhaka Solution” offer Software Development, Digital Marketing,Graphics Design services. They are one of the top Web design & Development company in Bangladesh. Their main goal is to deliver measurable results for every client in Bangladesh. “Dhaka Solution” are doing great work as a software firm.

Website: http://www.dhakasolution.com/

15. Base IT: “Base IT” is a leading Outsourcing firm in Bangladesh. To clarify, they are providing Web Design, Web Development, Domain Hosting and SEO services for over 8 years. “Base IT” have 40+ experienced and professional web designers, Web developers and SEO experts. They are one of the reputed IT company in Bangladesh.

Website: https://www.baseit.com.bd/

16. Techbeeo: TechBeeo Software Ltd. is an outstanding software development company established in 2012. Since its establishment, the company has achieved huge success in IT field. They work with world leading business, so it has earned the reputation as a reliable software solutions. Moreover, they provides flexible deployment options. It gives customers a choice to run their businesses in the on-site, cloud or both.

Website: http://www.techbeeo.com/

17. Swapnoloke: “Swapnoloke” is a top software development company in Dhaka. It has started its journey since 2011. It has started services with the motto “to be the leader of digitization and automation process”. “Swapnoloke” is one of the best software company in Bangladesh.

Website: http://www.swapnoloke.com/

18. Flyte Solutions: “Flyte Solutions” is a top client oriented custom software development company in Bangladesh. To clarify, they provide solutions for creating ROI driven software development services within your budget. Overall, “Flyte Solutions” help startup, large enterprise & SMBS building cost effective custom software products.

Website: https://www.flytesolutions.com/

19. Orbit informatics: “Orbit informatics” is one of the top outsourcing company in Bangladesh. Their experience team comes handy to make customer’s innovation bring into practice. They are the best choice for outsourcing and BPO in Bangladesh by client. In general, their cost efficient and structured teamwork justifies their position. Their clients count on themselves on web design & development on a regular basis.

Website: http://www.orbitinformatics.com/

20. US Software Ltd: “US Software Ltd” provide a range of strategic business solutions. To clarify, they offer complete software development, professional website design & development, IT consulting for diverse business sectors. They are in the process of transition to CMMI Level 3. That’s why, they are in the ranking list of top 100 software companies in Bangladesh in 2020.

Website: http://www.ussoftwareltd.com/

21. Ringer Soft: Certainly, “Ringer Soft” is the one of the top major web development, customized software and graphics design company. Their main office is located in Chittagong, Bangladesh. It was founded in 2014. “Ringer Soft” is fully service interactive software company. Above all, it helps clients succeed by creating outstanding digital solutions. They provide fully customized software and IT solution for top industries, big business enterprise and reputed educational institutions.

Website: http://ringersoft.com/

22. EXTREME SOLUTIONS: “EXTREME SOLUTIONS” is the best independent software vendor. Most importantly, it provides world-class technology solutions for small to big enterprise businesses. The company is extremely specialized for business management software development services in desktop & web application. It’s well known as one of the top industry leading software development firm in Bangladesh.

Website: https://extreme.com.bd/

23. Alchemy Software: “Alchemy Software” is a growing IT service provider in Bangladesh. Most importantly, they provide high-end business solutions to clients across the world. Over the last few years, the company extended the range of its services. “Alchemy Software” devoted to its full effort on customer satisfaction by providing high standard software solutions.

Website: https://alchemy-bd.com/

24. TechTree: “TechTree” offer web development, graphics design and administrative support services.
They are a Design & Development firm accomplishing the business solutions since 2014. Their goal is to develop client’s dream. To sum up, heir great website design, creative graphical contents and web development ensure exploration of vast opportunities. They believe co-operation is the best solution.

Website: https://techtree.business.site/

25. Ultimate IT Solution: “Ultimate IT Solution” is a leading business software & custom web application development company in Bangladesh. Certainly, they are the fastest growing software development company in Bangladesh. To clarify, they provide proper automation services to cover all of your business requirements. “Ultimate IT Solution” has highly expert and experienced professionals. They are super efficient, cost effective and user friendly. Above all, the company has been created an awesome image in IT sector. So, its in the list of top 100 software companies in Bangladesh in 2020 in our analysis.

Website: http://www.ultimateit-bd.com/

26. CURSOR: “CURSOR” is a rapidly growing best customize software & web development company in Bangladesh. The company was established in 2014. Certainly, they are the best software company in Chittagong.

Website: http://www.cursorbd.com/

27. Chandrim Soft: “Chandrim Soft” is an Information Technology(IT) company. It was founded in 2010. Surprisingly, it is run by a young, enthusiastic talented management. They aspire to renovate Bangladesh and the world through technology. That is to say, they are committed to provide their customers with the best solutions by making technology easily work for them.

Website: http://www.chandrimsoft.com/

28. OTSL: “OTSL” is the top software company in Chittagong. They have expert ERP Software Developer in Chittagong. They offer responsive static & dynamic website. Also, “OTSL” provide professional training on software & web engineering

Website: http://otsl-ctg.com/

29. APPS MAKER BD: “APPS MAKER BD” is a Bangladesh based software firm. They are serving globally from 2012 . Moreover, they are very passionate and professional about client satisfaction. In addition, they also provide Internship facilities for students to develop skills.

Website: http://www.appsmakerbd.com/

30. Micro Icons: “Micro Icons BD” is a well-established software development company in Bangladesh. To clarify, it is one of the best Information Technology providers to clients worldwide. Moreover, they have dedicated team of skilled IT professionals. Certainly, they are ready to serve your software development needs with customized solutions. “Micro Icons BD” is the fastest growing IT firm in Bangladesh. To sum up, they are providing website design, software development, SEO, software outsourcing services. That’s why, they are in the list of top 100 software companies in Bangladesh in 2020 in our article.

Website: http://microiconsbd.com/

31. Nextzen -IT Group: “Nextzen -IT Group” is far above the rest as an excellent IT development firm. They have a strong team who are highly experienced in website development, applications and graphics design. Moreover, “Nextzen -IT” has become the most reliable source because of its unique services, affordable prices and very good customer relation. To clarify, they are one of the best software company in Barisal, Bangladesh.

Website: https://nextzenbd.com/

32. Borak-Software: “Borak-Software” is among the top 100 software companies in Bangladesh. They provide services of Customized ERP Software, Web Design & eCommerce, Graphics Design, Mobile APP Development etc. Also, they offer services of Digital Marketing and Animation.

Website: https://boraksoftware.com/

33. TechLab Software: “TechLab Software” is a highly professional software services provider in Bangladesh. They focuses on highly timely delivered, qualitative and cost-effective offshore services. However, they offer software development, providing premium and highly satisfactory services such as Web Hosting, Domain Registration etc. “TechLab Software” is a best team of well proficient and experienced professionals from top IT sector and excel in Web technologies.

Website: https://techlabsoftware.com/

34. LockersIT: “LockersIT” have market coverage in the Bangladesh, India, Nigeria, USA, Canada, UK and UAE. To clarify, they offer quality web services to medium and small sized businesses organizations to compete in today’s digital world. However, they help web entrepreneurs reach to their customers across the digital space. Their core objective is to help all business owners in establishing their online presence.

Website: https://lockersit.com/

35. BANGLADESH OUTSOURCE & SOFTWARE SERVICES ( BOSS ): They are the leading software development company in Bangladesh. “BOSS” have great experience in the field of web, eCommerce and software development. Also, robotics is the field they excel in.

Website: http://www.bangloss.com/

36. And IT: From simple web design to complex, Graphic Design, UI/UX Design , font-end development, back-end development- they do it all. Certainly, they are the best software company in Khulna, Bangladesh. As a leader in modern technology exploring, “And IT” is committed to provide quality IT services to worldwide.

Website: https://andit.co/

37. W3Engineers: “W3Engineers” is a leading software development, mobile app, and blockchain-enabled app development company from Bangladesh. That utilizes the latest web technology, creative design. Also, optimized business strategy to help grow their brand. However, “W3Engineers” work in collaboration with their clients to cultivate a strategy aimed to achieve success. That will increase the efficiency & profitability of the company.

Website: https://w3engineers.com/

38. TechLab Software: “TechLab Software” work with low to high end software. Also, they do custom development as well everything. To clarify, “TechLab Software” is the best professional software services provider in Bangladesh. They focus on high quality, timely delivered and cost-effective offshore software development. In addition, they are providing premium and satisfactory services such as Web Hosting, Domain Registration and all kind of related software. Alongside, they are offering optimum quality web services to many satisfactory personals and organizations around the globe. In a short, they are a team of well proficient and experienced professionals in IT sector.

Website: https://techlabsoftware.com/

39.Zaman Tech BD: “Zaman Tech BD” is a top IT company in Jessore, Khulna, Bangladesh. They empower to grow your business by providing extremely high quality web development & marketing solution. They have very affordable pricing point. “Zaman Tech BD” help clients to fulfill their business goals. Also, they develop their online presence by their digital marketing techniques. “Zaman Tech BD” love to help their client’s business.

Website: https://zamantech.com.bd/

40. Softronixs: A top rated & best software development, website design & development company of Bangladesh. Having more than 5 years of experience, they are recognized as one of the leading outsourcing company in Bangladesh. Surely, they serve their clients with quality services and deliver what they want. Having great experience in different IT sectors, they stand first to adopt all the latest technologies to provide their clients with some unique developments.

Website: http://softronixs.com/

41. Unicorns Codes: They empower you with award-winning teams that greatly help you provide IT services. Surely, you can benefit from their amazing work environment and proven development process. It will make them passionate about what they do and reliable in their delivery. That is to say, they are one of the top ranked startup company in Bangladesh. However, they are a group of designers, engineers and IT specialists passionate about what they do. Together they form one of the best leading custom software company in Bangladesh for software development outsourcing.

Website: https://unicornscodes.com/

42. Coders Passion: They are the top Web Design and Development service provider IT firm in Bangladesh. Here, the founding members and workers are experienced in their respective working zones. In addition, “Coders Passion” is the shelter of many dedicated, industrious, highly skilled, and well experienced workers. Most importantly, it is trying to serve all clients in different ways. To clarify, they provide services such as Web Maintenance and Management, Graphic Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) etc which are up to the mark.

Website: https://www.coderspassion.com/

43. Arrowsoft: They have highly dedicated team of experts. Certainly, you can 100% rely on them. To clarify, “Arrowsoft” is unique software company in Bangladesh. Their team of passionate individuals are always dedicated to produce something greater. Surely, they are one of the best software company in Sylhet. For this reason, they are in the list of top 100 software companies in Bangladesh.

Website: https://arrowsoft.co/

44. Staff India: They are the top outsourcing company based in UK with offshore offices. They work with clients around the globe. To clarify, Staff-India provide virtual employees to work on business processes. Staff India was pioneered by their founder, a former Management Consultant. However, they provide simple solutions for all their clients.

Website: https://www.staff-india.com/

45. Infinity Flame Soft: They help companies with their IT solutions. Notably, their initial focus was providing complete information technology(IT) solutions for companies in Bangladesh. However, they deliver the most comprehensive IT services to small and medium-sized businesses in Bangladesh and the World. To sum up, their known Quality Service allows them to provide all their customers with an efficient service.

Website: http://infinityflamesoft.com/

46. Nevadia Technology: They are highly specialized in web application development in Java, PHP, and JavaScript technology. Certainly, they can develop technically complex, Scalable, and visually impressive Web Applications. Surely, “Nevadia Technology” can help you to fill your IT services gap. They build custom Web, mobile, and cross-platform solutions that keep your business surely one step ahead of your competitors.

Website: https://nevadiatechnology.com/

47. Technext Limited: They help entrepreneurs, companies and institutions to develop incredible web portals, eCommerce solutions. Note that, their greatest strength is turning any mediocre project into top one. Surely, they thrive by helping clients and companies to transform as well. Above all, “Technext Limited” push their employees, clients and their solutions to exceed their own expectations.

Website: https://technext.it/

48. BTS Software Technologies Ltd: They are software development company in Sylhet Bangladesh specializing in Business and Mobile applications development. To clarify, they have a committed team of professionals with high experience in variety of tools and platforms. Their developers keep themselves updated with latest technology trends. Above all, “BTS Software Technologies Ltd” strongly believe in utilizing technology to make things really simple and easy to use.

Website: https://btstech.net/

49.FlammaSoft: It is a registered Company of Joint Stock Companies and Firms in Bangladesh. From its establishing to still now “FlammaSoft” is going with an unbelievable speed on software development in south Asia. Firstly, FlammaSoft started with a single office at Sylhet with a very few numbers of Software and web Developers. However, FlammaSoft believes that the next generation will be dependent on technology.

Website: https://flammasoft.com/

50. Devute: They are the top software and web application development company in Bangladesh. For your information, “Devute” love to provide Web development related services. They specially offer services like making websites, graphic design, mobile apps development and marketing. However, their vision is to provide quality, 100% secure and professional services to everyone. So, we keep it in the list of top 100 software companies in Bangladesh.

Website: https://www.devute.com/

Developing countries like Japan, India, China, Malaysia etc. have invested massive amount to grow in IT sector. Surely, the Software Companies can create new jobs. It will help GDP growth significantly. Nowadays the outsourcing sector has a market of over 700 billion dollar around the earth.

Indeed, the Bangladeshi government should help the entrepreneurs to increase IT companies by providing funds and marketing support. Thus it will give positive outcomes towards digitalization goal. Then, the expansion of new Outsourcing companies will generate huge flow of foreign exchange through direct foreign investment.

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